Hi! Im Tailss, From Miceforce xdd


I had to create my first website, because in the Miceforce forum I ran out of space xdd


Literally the forum would not let me write more in my information and as I like to write ... I decided to expand my limits and continue writing here.


U know Im just learning english, Im much better in spanish than english so I feel so difficult write all about me in English.


Then I use google translate for this time, Im so sorry about the bad Translate u know google translate isnt perfect too.


Thanks for read here :3

Since you take time to stay here spying to me 7u7 * Yes, I know*

Here goes a bit of meh ❤❤


First things first: * seriously *

►My real name is Tayler Mateo Godoy ''My friends call me Tay''

You can call me how you like, I have no problem with that

● I am Chilean with all its characters❤

Chile- Maintencillo to be more exact●

If you know the "Maintencillo beach" in Chile and see the "Ayen Café"

I live there in the 3rd cottage up on the left xdd

❤ ask for meh 


What I can love the most *after the anime* It's the music ❤

*I always listen to music wherever I go, including in class even if the teacher hates me*

My Name: ►I'm from a English father and a Chilean mother: ◄

My father (American) sinse he was child he had the dream of having a son named Tayler... Here I am xd


It's a english name, very common in the United States but very rare in my country Chile.


That's why many people in the ES server think that Tayler is just my nickname of the game. 

❤ I LOVE the F*cking music !! ❤


xdd No matter where I go I have to walk with headphones Note: If I'm upset I use the headphones and draw until it passes.  


Some of my favorite songs:


  Daughter - Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix) [Lyrics On Screen] https://youtu.be/H_OUmaWsQNI  


Chaos Chaos - Do you feel it?




Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (Lyrics)



Several others from here (NCS)



and here (DSG)




Maybe you can play some of those songs while you're reading

●I try not to get angry, or go sad, I consider myself a quiet kid "Friendly" that if you offer me a smile or a ''hello'' I will give it back to you in the same way you did or maybe better. ◕‿◕


There are very few times I'm sad... Even if I try not to be, from time to time everyone has their sad moments uwu


It usually does not last long, only my friends realize when I feel bad And I thank you tremendously that they are always there to support ❤ they are the best, I love them

Mental note: If you see me with this clothes it is likely that I do not feel very well, but I will always be willing to talk and help others...

in the picture I do not look very sad xdd but I think that's the idea

Fun facts :b

I always use some text emojis in the Chat, like the cat ones


:3    :'3


The pervert ones


7u7    7v7    7w7


The common ones


uwu    nwn    e.e    a.a    e.a


I usually use the "xdd" Laugh and this kind of hearts


Sometimes I minimize some words or sentences like


Tysm (Thank you so much)

Bf (Boyfriend Or Bestfriend)

Idk (I don't know)

Irl (In real life)

Gf (Girlfriend)

Mf (Miceforce)

np (No problem)

I'll (I will)

ya (you)

u (You)


I really hate the "Pacman" emoji (:v   :u   :'v   :'u   >:v   >:u)

I feel like they are insulting me or treating me like a stupid,

(So please don't use it whit me)

I have some fears that I don't understand ... I'm afraid of rain... especially in the night,

if it rains at night I can't sleep


I'm so afraid to be lonely, I don't like to be alone, because I start to think and remember a lot of sad things and sometimes I got depressed because that...

Don't leave me lonely, and I will never leave you alone


I'm so sensitive, very effusive, very shy with people that I don't know and very friendly once we have confidence.

I do not know if "Sensitive and Efusive" is a very good mix... An old friend from the mice told me one time, that I'm a crybaby, is the only one that told me that, but sometimes I feel that it is truth, Some endings of some movies can make my eyes cry easily, especially if I'm alone in the dark with high volume.

When someone from the mice damages me, it hurts me more than it should hurts, so I think I'm easy to hurt.  


It does not matter how much it hurts, how much I suffer, how much I cry or how much they hurt me, I always will forgive that person, and I always ask for forgiveness, the most that I take to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness, it's 2 days, I only need 2 days at the most to excuse someone,

it does not matter if I keep hurting.  


Pd// In addition to sensitive, I think I am somewhat innocent and other times not so much, many people consider me harmless, because I am Christian and pacifist, I do not like to insult, offend or hurt anyone, not to say bad words, neither fights I avoided all conflict and if I see someone who is fighting with another person I always worry, especially if one of them is my friend. It hurts a lot when both are my friends, it hurts to me see my friends fight or insult each other, many times I've asked them to stop fighting.


  I like to draw, although I only do it on paper, I draw a lot each day, nobody can see my draws, my picture book, for me it's something like a secret diary

(Pd: I also write, in English and Spanish, in a personal diary uwu)  


Sometimes when I'm very focused, I take out my little tongue :b It's something unconscious xdd, I do not realize It usually happens to me while I draw or paint.  


They always tell me that I sneeze like a kitten  


When I was little and I was learning to speak, instead of saying "Thank you" I always said "Hackum ^-^" My parents say that it sounded so cutee, so they didn't want to teach me to say thanks xdd. and I've always been very grateful  


When I was little, there was a time when I was vegetarian... I was more than a year without eating any meat, but one day I became very sick, the doctor told me that I need to eat meat or start to buy pills, and after that my family began to force me and to press me to eat meat, because the pills are expensive, then I didn't get sick again, after that I recovered and I am not allowed to be vegetarian anymore .-.  


I am the shortest and skinniest of my class, also small and hairless xdd

I'm 14 years old, but they always tell me that I look like 12 years old


I love to spend long moments in the shower... Sometimes I feel bad because I think I'm killing the planet. But I really love A long shower with warm water, (Sometimes I do not recite the tentation and I give myself what I want7u7) It relaxes me and makes me feel so good  


My favorite animal, are the kittens, foxes, wolfies and raccoons xdd

 PD: Sometimes I think raccoons are like undomesticated kittens, I think that if I adopt a puppy raccoon and domestic it like a cat, I wo n't have any problem, just imagine it clean and with a necklace :3

(I would give him cat food xdd)  


Sometimes I think I'm a bit bipolar ... and other times I think not.


  I love hugs ❤, In miceforce and real life, I am a hugger level 7 xdd I don't think it's necessary to be more than friends to hug someone

Please never leave me with my arms open, I would never reject you a hug, hug me, I trust in ya ❤  


I use Bracelets or "Wristbands" or whatever you call it in your country, right now I have a Light blue and another Green flowing in my Left hand :3

(Yeap, I'm lefty, I write and draw with my left hand)


I always saves the Secrets of other people very well. If you tell me a secret, it is possible that nobody else ever knows about that secret. So you can say that I am reliable? uwu Idk


I always be there when you need me, whether to accompany you, listen to ya, converse, play with you for a while, give you advice, help you, make yourself an outfit, or for any other thing that comes to your mind. You just have to ask me


I play Miceforce Every day of the week, about 2, 3 or 4 times a day, sometimes from the Computer and other times from my cellphone.


3:00 pm -> 6:00 pm

11:00 pm -> 1:00 am

Chilean Time  


(Or at least that's how it was before March 5)


● I tend to listen when someone has a problem, doesn't matter if I will be ignored giving advice, I like others to let off steam with me

◕ ‿‿ ◕

My parents say that when I was little I had a girl's voice, which sounded a lot similar like my twin sister's voice, but I and my cousin do not remember it that way.  


Since I was child I love to Sing, especially English songs, I'm good at singing in English, because the pronunciation and things like that

(Yeah, I also sing in the shower xdd)

Something like this


I am a leader, Creator and Founder of the Tribe: +Kitty Family ツ


You can join if you want, we have good ranks, permits and tribe houses. Ask to any of our members to invite you, we can all invite, turn on the music and change tribe's map


Have you had imaginary friends?

I still have one... I have it since I was so small, from before I had memory. I lost it for a while, but one day in 5th grade I remembered him and I recovered him, I'm very fond of him, because he was the only one who stayed with me when I needed most. Since those dark days I never forgot him, he still accompanies me to school, especially when I'm alone. It's not a boy or a Girl, It's an imaginary kitten and I do not know if it's male or female. Remember that it is imaginary, it floats in the air, sometimes is blond with little paws and chest white, other times it is black with his/her little paws chest white, I know it's the same cat, because it always uses a collar and a plaque with the name "Nubiiss ❤


He likes to snuggle next to me in my bed or in my desk, next to my copybook, I pat him while I write. As child I carried it, I brought him cat's food but the kitty just smelled it.


I feel he is there, he listens to me understand, he keeps me company, sometimes I think that he is a little angel, in a kitten's body, he is very adorable, so adorable, I can see him, listen to him and caress him ... I do not like to tell anyone because I know they feel like I'm crazy, I've been a psychologist but I don't want to lose him again.

@Maruxd - @ Naik7u7 - Work in paint, all rights reserved ® It is the only Fan art that I had received about how I was in real life :3 (Pd: now my hair is kinda shorter xdd)

FanArts !


This is my first Fanart, maybe wasn't made by a great artist, but was made by a true fan with a lot of love for me without being asked, I Really love this draw, so please be respectful uwu

A Wolfie gave me this in Valentine's Day :3 is a nice way to meet someone new

@Chocolax3 made this one just 3 days after I met her, I never asked her anything, she just wanted to draw it for meh ❤ , she is an incredible friend, Take care Cuttie! U draw so beatiful Ty :3

It was made to me by @Inesia - She draw it in just minutes ! look so nice - Thanks Ineee!

I need to admit that this Fanart was made by myself xdd inspired by one of my blue-headed neko outfits, I think it look really nice and similar to the original outfit, I like the village in the background

@Fricky made this one for me, I never asked it, it looks so cute >.< thank you :3

@Yionne made me this pretty Signature xdd she just took some minutes #YionneHaveTalent

Made by @Chocolax3, I love it ! >.<

@Erickwarrior made me this one and it was so cute xdd His little hand kills me tenderly :3

This picture really touched my Heart >.< @Chocolax3 ❤ @Tailss I really love you babe, I will never leave you, I promise

@Chocolax3 Made This one "Opposite Poles attract" Love is love ❤ | @Chocolax3 I really love your art Style ❤

Awwww u draw so beatiful ! You become my favorite artist Ever ! I really love u cuttie ❤ @Chocolax3

@Friendship Made This Cute Fan art For us Tysm ! You draw so good ❤

Literally the best FanArt That I ever had in my life, I got a few tears when I saw it for the first time, now I have it in my cellphone's background, I really love this draw and I love the girl who created it @Chocolax3 I really love u Cuttie u re so important for meh ❤

If you wanna draw a Fan Art for meh 

Please tell me, I will be really thanfully

Favorite Movies

Favorite Characters


Zootopia - @Nick_wildee & Jaguar

English Trailer

Madagascar 3 - Gia The Jaguar, Marty and Stefano


Kung Fu Panda 3 - Po and Tiger

English Official Trailer

Alpha & Omega - Lili, Humphrey and Kate

English Official Trailer

the fox and the hound - Both Foxies

Sad Goodbye

Lady and the tramp 2 - Scamp & Angela

Cute moment

Over the Hedg - The raccoon, the squirrel and the opossum

in the House

Pokemon the first movie - Pikachu and @Mew7u7

G-Force - Everyone except the mole

G- Force Official trailer

Bolt - Bolt & Mittens

Bolt, Official trailer

Avatar - @Neytiri

Avatar, Epic war escene

Favorite TV Program:


The Wonderful World of Gumball: Gumball


Regular show: Rigby


Favorite Childhood's Video Game: Crash Bandicoot

More recent Anime: DBS (I just finished watching, so right now I'm not watching anime)

I would like to see a good Chibi, could you recommend me some?


Current favorite anime: High school dxd - Asia, @Kaneko, @Gasper, Irina


Childhood's favorites: Pokémon, Digimon, Naruto, Avatar, Inuyasha. (Tailmon, Naruto, Inuyasha)


Favorite Pokémon: eevee (and every eeveelutions) Pikachu and all the tender Pokémon, the more tender and cute better (I don't care if they are strong or not)

I only love the Cute 7u7

Family in the game:

  @Zorritoo is my twin brother

@Dapghosty is my twin brother

@Erickwarrior is my older brother

@Manuelcx is my twin too

@Kittyxd7u7 is my younger sister

@Akikowo is my older sister

@Mark_08pp is my older brother ♂

@Sylveon_neko is my little daughter

@Nusakuro2332 is my little daughter

Family in real life  


I live with my father and my mother, I have an older sister, called Paz, we call her Pazita and sometimes we call her Raccoon :b

We hardly see her because she study far away in a university.


I also have a twin sister, our parents always tell us that we look identical and that we look alike and that we're tender, her name is Polet but we call her Pole and sometimes Rusii ❤


 Pd // she also played miceforce but then she stoped playing it :b @Gatitagamer3


I had been Naruto's cosplay xddd


It was a Contest that organized my school, and I took the first place, the second one was taken by a guy from an anime that I do not know and the third one was taken by Goku Sayayin 2


There were very good costumes and presentations, and others gave a lot of laugh

I did uploaded the photo of my cosplay, but then I felt kinda embarrased, so I deleted * - *

I wore an orange jacket, identical to Naruto's, the clothes were exact, including the logotipes, I made my hair as close as I could, I made those naruto whiskers and I bought the band from Naruto's forehead that I found by there in a store, I learned some Naruto's  jutsu xdd (The most common, basic or naruto more towards) I learned the exact movements, I practiced a similar voice  to the Spanish one (although the voice did not come out so identical) but the way how he speak was so good...


There was a stage of the contest, in which we had to create an event with relationship with our character, so, we did a huge run, something like a marathon around the school's Outside, everyone ran like Naruto style (with their arms backwards) I was in front of the whole competition xdd. Everyone gave a lot of laugh, everyone participated, and many people started to record, so I got a lot of points for that.

The final presentation was on the main stage in front of the whole school 

Since that day I am famous in the school xdd

I had a kind of Intro with this music

● Music, the best of the world * after the anime *

Lately I didn't had time to see all the anime that I used to see, but obviously I will always love Anime, I like anime, I like manga, even if it is black and white and in English


Always, wherever I go, I have to walk with some headphones or if I do not, I do not go out. Every time they hurt me I look for them  


  ● I do not have a defined genre, I try to listen to music from other countries and other genres. But if you ask me about my fav genres are:

►Electronics (EDM)



But if you ask me what are my least favorite:


I really hate that kind of music, I don like it.

I like to draw, but I am very shy with my drawings, I have a little copybook with drawings that I had done, but I don't like to show it to anyone, I feel that they are personal as a secret diary (PD: I have one too) I only draw by hand, because I don't know how to draw in computer

● I really love to sleep

even in Miceforce xdd

(just like a kitty)

Nyaaa >.<

● Sometimes I read, not much but I read...

At least I read manga, okay? xddd

(until if it is in English or in black and white) ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►

● I can be the most immature person when I know I can be, but I can also be the most mature person when I know I should be. Although for my age I should be mature * 14 * but I think that the age and maturity do not go together, because I will never stop being and think like a child sometimes


I have friends who are upset with me because I slow to answer the whispers or I spend a lot of time away, they think I ignore them on purpose or something ... io jamaz would like to ignore them or hurt them on purpose, it's just that I have the list of friends "Literally full", when they ask me to add someone to remove another person from the list of friends to add it, that makes me have 17 whispers open at the same time every day, in addition to talking by room and answer in the forum from time to time. then I can take some messages

July 10, 2004 (Age: 14)
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Chile, Maintencillo


uwu #9576 
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